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Using financial literacy to bridge the gap between dreams and reality

Founded by Antoinette and Tayo Oguntonade, BrickzWithTipz emerged from a shared desire - to provide a welcoming space for individuals to unravel the complexities of property and finance in a relatable manner. In the UK, homeownership stands as one of the most substantial life goals, representing over 30% of the nation's total wealth. However, this wealth of knowledge often remains elusive, as it isn't a subject taught in schools. Additionally, while experts in the property field possess valuable insights, they may not always connect with the broader public.


Recognizing this gap, Antoinette and Tayo embarked on a mission to create BrickzWithTipz. This platform is dedicated to serving those who hold a fascination for property matters but may have felt neglected, underestimated, or simply overlooked by the traditional educational and expert channels. 


Since its inception, BrickzWithTipz has leveraged the industry expertise and professional qualifications of Antoinette and Tayo to engage with an audience exceeding 80,000 individuals across various social media platforms. Tayo has earned trust as a property expert, offering insights on current affairs to major news outlets like BBC News, ITV News, Metro, and many others. 


Both Antoinette and Tayo remain committed to their mission of making property accessible to everyone. They collaborate with brands, industry influencers, and educational institutions to bridge the knowledge gap, empowering individuals to embark on their property and financial journeys with confidence.


Join us at BrickzWithTipz, where property and finance become relatable, understandable, and within your grasp. 🏡💼📈




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